[US] New server. Luckyfkers oxide mod, rare millitary weps\c4 & more!

LuckyFkers.com is a PVP sleepers server for all kind of players. Whether you are a new player or a bandit who loves to raid you can come here and have a great time. We are currently at low population fluctuating between 5-10 players every night. Looking to grow :slight_smile:

We have sleepers, starter kit and fast crafting speeds so new players can build faster and log-off with some of their items so they don’t have to start over if they get raided in the night. Active non-abusive admins watch over the server when they can. We promote pvp interaction whether is be an intense conversation, murder by rock, intense battles or full out war with other bandits all is good here if you stay within the rules.

PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Mod: Rust++ (Magma)
Door Sharing: (Share single doors with your whole group)
Crafting Timescale: 0.3 (30%)

We have a ZERO tolerance for duping. glitching, hacking, and abusive admins.

Server Rules:

  1. No whining about dying or being raided
  2. No duping, glitching, or hacking
  3. No racism, sexism, or excessive smacktalk/drama

Rare military weapons mod has been removed, but title won’t update. Happy shooting people!

Recently modified airdrops to drop more crates depending on the amount of players in the server.


Join this server its great!

Updated server mods. Got quite a few regulars now. Hurry and claim an area!