[US] NEW ~The Final Rust!~ 150+ [Chicago] [Rust++] [NO C4 CRAFTING] [SHARE] [QUICK CRAFT]

**This is The Final Rust Team and we are inviting everyone to come and play on our new server.

Highlights of the server

  1. 1/4 Crafting time
  2. PVP enabled
  3. Sleepers enabled
  4. Zero tolerance for hacking no matter who you are
  5. Active admins to ban cheaters and police the server
  6. Only Must Wipes.

Server Mods:: These will be loaded to the server to improve your rust experience.

  1. Door sharing for you and your teammates
  2. 2 /PM for private messaging
  3. Chat history
  4. Latency checker
  5. Location checker to provide coordinates,
  6. starter kits (Stone Hatchet, Bandages and Torch)

Drop Party This mod will be used to make Explosives unobtainable and Explosive Charges uncraftable. Zombies and crates will have a slightly higher C4 drop rate so raiding is still possible with c4, but obtaining c4 will now come at a higher risk, because it will have to be farmed from radtowns. This is to close the gap between people who have been on the server longer. It will make server vets think twice about using their rare C4 on new player’s more vulnerable homes. This will also increase the chances of PvP battles because people will be battling over radtowns to gain accesses to zombies.

Group Gate This mod enables the server to automatically kick players who have previous VAC Bans for cheating on any VAC secured games.

How to connect To connect first you must not be connected to any server and on the Rust main menu. Press f1 to bring up the console and copy and paste “net.connect” without using the “ “ in the command.

I hope that you enjoy our new server and help grow our community! We are striving to become one of the few great rust community servers, but this can’t be achieved without a dedicated player base. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a reply on this post.

Just wondering if this server will be back up soon. A friend and I started playing here last night, but can’t find the server today.