(US) Newb Friendly| PVP | Active Admin| Sleepers| Groups| Doorshare

Hey guys. our server has been up for awhile. Just trying to get more people to join it. If we reach our max of 50 players we will probably upgrade to 100 slots. :slight_smile: We are fair admins, we don’t abuse, and we play the game just like anyone else. We want people to have fun on our server, PvP, raid whatever you like. As long as you follow the rules you will be fine. (/rules) we have a remove system so if you misplace an item you can delete it and try again. We have a jail for people who break the rules or for people who need a timeout lol. We also have a groups ability so you don’t have to worry about friendly fire with your friends. So come join our server. Once we get enough people on we will wipe so everyone starts at the same ground. No one will have an advantage. there will be regular airdrops when I am online or another of my admins. if you have any questions message me on steam. Vash The Stampede (my picture is a dude with a mask over his face and a headband on.) the net.connect is

Hope to see you all there :slight_smile: