[US] NMR| PvE | No Sleepers | RP

Hello there everyone! I am the founder of NMR “Naked Men Running” and I would just like to create a quick little post that will get you up to date with my server and our plans for the future.

I administrate a PvE server which I keep very unique from the other servers that I have previously been on. I decided to create a PvE server because I was tired of all the groups taking over servers and raiding players who were new to the server and could not get a break. By creating my PvE server I had in mind that it would be a place for players to come from PvP and have fun with everyone else on the server. The server has been very popular and maxed out at our 50 player limit. We are considering upgrading if we keep these numbers up and will upgrade to a 100 slot. Anyways back on topic, we provide a fun community which will be focusing around RP (role-play). We have towns where players live with other citizens and it is a very social atmosphere where everyone has fun! Ocassionally there will be some trolls/griefers on our server but we deal with them as soon as we get the chance to. We have a very organized Steam Group where we keep all of our information and player can contact each other and keep track of their towns and so on. It is a very fun experience which everyone seems to be enjoying a lot! I would love to have more players join us and I would really like to upgrade the server to invite more newcomers to enjoy it with us.

If you are interested in playing on our server just keep an eye out for us!

Rust Server Name: [US] NMR | PvE | No Sleepers | RP
Server Location: Dallas, TX
Server Slots: 50 (Planning to upgrade to 100)
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nakedmenrunning#

Rules: You will follow the rules or you will risk being banned. This is to keep our server fun for everyone and I will not deal with player ignorance.

  1. No Racism
  2. No Spamming
  3. No Griefing
  4. No Raiding
  5. Respect Everyone


  • Friendly & Fun Community!
  • Active Admins
  • Organized Steam Group Forums
  • Towns
  • Trading
  • RP

Future Plans:
Coming soon!


I am acting owner of the steam group of this server, The server has been wiped/reverted to pvp/instacraft, etc. Trying to get in contact with Macky regarding this as it may be a possible hack because it seems everyone near this server has been defriended by “him”. Right now this is a free for all server, enter at your own risk.

Hey Guys, Didnt really know where to post this because steam will not allow me to there because I was kicked from the group, Not sure why but I assume it had something to do with the server issues. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the group and would love to be back in NMR whenever I can be loved the server and hope to get to play with you all again.

Mal, pm me your steamid and I can get you invited back into the group.