[US]NoAdmin|NoSleep|1/2|PvP - enjoy a premium, non-abusive gaming experience!

Hi gang!


No sleepers – 1/2 craft – PvP – No admin abuse, guaranteed

Server location: Los Angeles, CA
IP Address:
Easy connect from console: net.connect
Current name: [US]NoAdmin|NoSleep|1/2|PvP

Admin responsibilities are handled swiftly by myself – I can be contacted at my steam address “ollie.cromwell”. A reliable crew with cell phone access ensure nearly complete 24/7 coverage. International players welcome: we have several Scandinavians.

Server is PvP-tastic. Currently home to two small groups of 5. Many ideal homesteads (Resource Valley, the Coast, both Civs) are available. Enjoy this low population server – perfect for bringing a small group of buddies to build your own fiefdom. It’s the perfect time to start building towers and locking down turf.

If you happen across a series of 4 towers, come say hello! We’d love to help you with some of the stuff we’ve acquired in the first day of the server. Get kitted out quick.

Good server, Admin exists in the shadows doing what he needs to do and not abuse the populace like many other servers. Good PVP server, BRAND new, the server runs great! Solo play or Group play is great!

Been playing on this server the whole day with about 5 of my friends.

Totally legit server, the admins are cool and I’ve had a great time

This is a great server! Every one is friendly for the most part to starters but are not afraid to protect them selfs with full force. It has what everyone likes in a server no sleepers, 1/2 craft, and PvP. I was playing with Jazz and a few friends sence the beginning of the server started off slow with no many people on, but after a few good firefights and being killed in an ambush it is getting more exciting as the server grows. These guys know how to run a server, its nice after a server with harsh admin abuse and light hacking. They are just other players. If you run into Jazz or I in the game say hi were friendly if not provoked and will give supplies to starters or trade with vets.

Thanks y’all, appreciate the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying it!

(I particularly like that most of the fighting happens at the crates, although that may just be a symptom of an “early” server)

Been playing here with the others. No lag, nice and fresh. Low pop. Good fun. The Owner is nonabusive and sits in the back quietly and everyone communicates.

It’s a good server to get involved with a building community before it’s too large.

Note the new name if you’re looking for us – listed in the first post. We’ll make a new post later, but don’t want to spam things. If a mod happens across this, I’d appreciate it!

If you can’t find it use “net.connect” to join.

Is the server down?

Me and my friends have not been able to connect for a few hours now

I asked and was told that the server was being ddos’d


“Distributed Denial of Service” It’s where a person or group of people flood a server with traffic symbolizing if hundreds or thousands of people are trying to connect to the server all at the same time rendering the server useless.

any idea when the server will be back?