[US] NoCraftC4 | PVP | Door Sharing | 50% Craft | Sleepers


Connect to the server:
Hit F1 to bring up the console and then type:

Server Teamspeak:

Server Features:
-100 Slots Hosted in Dallas
-1/4 Crafting time
-Rare Weapons
-Remove Tool
-Airdrops Every Hour, 2 Players min.
-Mature and active admins
-Zero admin abuse
-M4 and Armor Starter Kit

Magma Plugins

Rules [Bannable Offenses]:
-No Griefing; placing indestructible objects on someone’s home
-No Impersonating Other Players.
-No Hacking/Cheating/Using Exploits.

News Feed:
-25JAN2014: Server Established
-5FEB2014: Update Forced Wipe
-7FEB2014: Village Established: Hacker Valley
-13FEB2014: Rust++ Updated to 1.5.3
-6MAR2014: Switched to Magma!

Wipe History:
-25JAN2014: First Server Wipe
-5FEB2014: Update Forced Wipe
-16FEB2014: Corrupted Save File
-6MAR2014: Complete Wipe, New Start!
-22MAR2014: Complete Wipe, New Start!

Love this server!

Great server. 2 thumbs up

Fantastic server!! Such a great community!!!

Taco Tuesday anybody? :smile:

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hey everyone! come join this server!! it is great!

You can view the villages by clicking the Village names on the News feed!

Register on the forums guys! It’s www.CalifornicationGaming.com!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Server is updated and is running the latest version of Rust++ 1.5.3

That village is awesome, now I can go somewhere without worrying about dying

Happy Friday!

Come in, plenty of open areas for grabs!

Time for some weekend gaming!

Happy Saturday Guys!

New ppl come in its real friendly

Visit our website!

Great server, Awesome admins. Village is a really cool thing to see, server just needs more players so try it out!! :smiley:

JOIN US! great server fun and help full!