[US] Noob Friendly (PVP/1/2Craft/Sleepers/DoorShare)Rust++

FINALLY they fix the suicide bug so we can play on officials again… Ive been playing on this server called all week no problems mindin my own buisness for the most part robbed a few people so i could get all the gear… Saved up 25 Charges from supplies small raids and air drops. So today i finally get a friend on with me to go use them so obviously with that many charges i look for the biggest badest lookin place on the map. We get there thers 1 guy around in kevlar so we take him out and proceed to build a giant stair case to the top of building. We were under constant attack the whole time but luckily i had brought a metal door just incase so we actually walled in our staircase a few lvls and threw a door on there. After a while there was quite a few of them but we were holding our own seeing as we had a bag down and we could just respawn if we died and grab our stuff and continue. After about 15 minutes they said fuck this you guys are hacking and now your banned! Anyways dont play there turns out we were going to raid the admins and they didnt like it.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum for discussing other servers." - postal))

awesome story

tears? fresh diapers?