[US] Nov.A Rust Wiped 1/27 Oxide Sleeper PVP Arena Airdrop

[US] Nov.A Rust Wiped 1/27 Oxide Sleeper PVP Arena Airdrop


Hello everyone, are you looking for a nice server? Well, why don’t you try this one out? Our server is based off Oxide mods and the admins are actively trying to improve the server. No admin abuse. Custom Arena for battling to the death and winner always gets a reward! We want a server where everyone can have fun without abuse or hackers.

Server Capacity: 50 (Will Increase if we get to around 40)

  • PVP – What would this game be without PVP?
  • Arena – We have bow arena, gun arena, rock arena, etc. We want to see you guys fight to the death. Only one shall remain and take the reward!
  • Air Drop every 3 hours – This allows for more player interactions. We feel this is the most fun thing about this game.
  • Sleepers on – We feel that this is part of the game and you should protect yourself when you logout.
  • ½ Craft – Half the time of normal craft!
  • Economy System – Money that’s worth something!

Oxide Mods:

• Player List – Shows all players that are currently connected to the server

• Location – Find your location via coordinates that can be place in Rustmap.net or rustnuts.com

• Door Share – Share doors with your friends

• Death Announcers – See who is out there killing people.

• Kill/Death Stats – Check how many people you’ve killed and how many time you’ve been killed.

• Ticket System – Want to report abusers or any problems? Send us admins a ticket.

• Ownership Removal with Pickaxe – Misplaced a pillar? Well simply destroy it with your pickaxe. One hit gets you a confirmation, the second hit to destroy.

• Bounty System – Tired of someone killing you? Put a bounty on their head and let someone else finish the job.

• Custom loot spawn lists – Meaning you won’t be finding your C4’s so easily

• Base Alarm – Alarm that automatically messages your steam when your base is attacked

• Game Time – Tired of figuring out if its day or night, well, not anymore.

• Easy Arena Teleport – You can teleport to the arena easily by typing /Arena when the Admins turns it on!

Link to Picture of one our many arenas: http://imgur.com/a/zKBTd

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