Server Details


50 Slot (Rust server)
10 Slot (TeamSpeak)
24/7 Uptime (Other then the daily restart)(Both servers)
Fresh start as of 1/14/14.
Do whatever you want, with the exception of cheating and advertising obviously.
If there is any suspicion/proof of a cheater/hacker complain in game chat or just message our steam accounts: nikolos67(Rcon-Admin), ThatOneGuy(Rcon-Admin), Sugar Face(Support), ImMrLink(Owner)
Donating will help keep the server alive, You don’t need to but if you do you will have a custom kit! (When its fixed - As of now an Rcon-Admin will build you a Fort every time the server gets reloaded)

About Us

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LinkGamingRust

We are between the ages 14-18. We felt that cheaters were taking over the game so we decided to host a server that will deal with cheaters and try to ban them as much as we can. As of right now not many server admins have the time to always be banning cheaters. There are 2 of us that can no-life (Most of the time), They have plenty of time to deal with cheaters. We aren’t abusive admins, We aren’t Rule hogs just don’t cheat or advertise, Other then that enjoy.

Server(s) Info

Port: 10058

Game Server
Port: 28115

Just paste this into your console when u open the game…

net.connect (Copy and paste that if it helps you :P)

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20PPl :quagmire:

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PPL be mad when an X-DayZ Pro Hero kills them when they are killing friesh spawns and then finds out that that X-Hero is the Owner. So if you have a problem with the Owner killing you don’t join!


Bump of the Day :slight_smile: Would like to see some new players! :smiley:

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About to do a mass Drop party! :smiley:

So far this has been a good server. Glad to see the guys putting effort into something like this because I like the group of people that already do play and I hope more join so that we can have an effective community within the server.

Thanks for the support Farley! Hope to see you back on the server soon! :downs:

Hey guys! Come and play and have some fun! :smiley:

Any one want to play :3