US Offical [DEV]

  • Ran by early alpha rust players
  • Active admins
  • No Rcon commands
  • Vanilla rust (No insta craft and those things)
  • Sleepers on
  • PVP on
  • 256 player slots (!)
  • If you are new to the game, ask an admin to help you out.

Join now:
Server name: US Offical
Server IP: (Press F1 any type in: **net.connect **)

Any problems or suggestions, feel free to ask any of the admins on the server or leave a message down below.


On there now Update is sick !!

Server’s just dont get any better than this, time to get building!

how did you update your server to the dev branch?

Why did you name it US Official It’s not official nor do you represent Playrust

Official Rust Server :yarr:

Because you are allowed to use those names and it’s a smart way to get people to your server when they are just browsing the server list.

Server had 75+ people on it yesterday. lets hit the max amount of people!

Hey I dont think that the server is up. Do you think you can update it? After all of the DDO’s attack, once the big Rust Update came after it, it seems as if the server isnt working, it just fails to connect. When its loading i just see the Connecting at the loading screen. Thanks