[US] OFFICIAL MNG | PVP | Sleepers | Air Drops | 24/7 Active Admins | Mature | NEW

Server Details
Vanilla 99% UP
Server name: [US]BANG IT OUT PvP Active Admins
Slots: 150 slots
Location: Atlanta, GA
Sleepers: On
Instant Crafting: OFF (Normal)
Admins: Yes
Team Speak: T332.Darkstarllc.com:10181
Air Drops: 30 Online People

Open console (F1) and type the below

More Details
Admins are mature, active, and responsible. Server bans will be issued to known hackers/dupers. Very Fun friendly people and noob friendly. PvP is what people want.

Current Active Players: 15-20
Hope to see you there!

We put shacks around sleepers and toss a door inside a crate for 'em ^-^

Great server!

Very good server thanks for the post! Admins are really there like 24 hours a day! :slight_smile:

If you need anything in-game, directions, questions on how to get things, just ask away and we answer and help!

Shameless bump! Looking for more players =)

Sweet, get more ppl! Server rising quick. Join in

See you there!

Great server!

Sweet yeah its a great one