[US] Official RustEssentials | PVP | Sleepers | Kits | TPA | 75% Craft Time | Honest, Mostly Mature Admins |

For more information on RustEssentials or the server, feel free to post here or PM me. I’ll do my best to get to you when I can.

Server Information:

This server IS PVP oriented, so please do not flood the chat when you are angry or want to anger another player because of their actions. This means trolling, refrain from it.
Also, I’m not saying you can’t get angry, just don’t make a scene or have someone of the staff have to cite you for it.
Sleepers are activated - be careful where you park (if you know what I mean).
Admin abuse is a term that should be defined with leniency. Some of you have stricter ruling than others. All admins however, when on duty, will not disrupt the environment of the players and, when off duty, will not disrupt the balance of the game play.
Occasional admin-deployed airdrops will occur. Such airdrops are automatically announced in chat and are placed randomly.
Regular, unannounced airdrops will occur once per mid day if the player count is above 10.

I hope you enjoy the server!