[US] OfficialPVP Server (Kill Death Messages) Active Admins 4hrs old

type = net.connect in console.

This server is a great FFA pvp server with active admins some great mods to slow tech down a bit to let players start off right.

We did the full switch to oxide thanks to the work of Dark, however some of our drops arent working the way we intended. Grenades are dropping too much, some bolt actions dropped(should be airdrop only) and some of the blueprints were dropping too much.

Going to be wiping the server one last time for this season today at noon 12pm pst. After which, it will run for two weeks with increasing tech every 3-5 days.

Kill logs and leaderboards will be in this season to crown a true victor.

/standing deaths
/standing kills

Edit: After server comes up please report any weird looking drops immediately as we continue to tinker this to what we want.

Great people and great fights, also have our own Rust boards.

Noobs welcome.

We wipe the server every 2-3 weeks to keep it fresh, heres a video of our last season http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBWMtw6UZuw&feature=youtu.be

Highly recommended server. Honest admins and good fights.

Been on this server since December great server very competitive. lots of admins and the best part i have never been hacked have just about 300 hours on game and this server is by far the best server i can find. Zero Hackers here its a great server so come and play

Damn fine server. Active admins and they seem to set up some interesting drop scenarios with each wipe (about every 1-2 weeks).

Servers up now and running great, jump in if you want a fresh non hacker start.

airdrops are live, but not too OP

Servers great , come get in on the action.


Bump, looking for large guilds to merge here would be great too.