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PVP: [US]OGV-Oxide Ed. PVP
Our True Survival server is a no rules no complaining no BS server. The only thing that matters is survival no matter how brutal it may be.

Online Gaming Veterans: Connections

Website: Online Gaming Veterans

Teamspeak: teamspeak.onlinegamingveterans.com

Steam Groups:
Online Gaming Veterans

Rust Group (Online Gaming Veterans)

Questions? What is Online Gaming Veterans?

OGV is a Member Driven Community of gamers. Our primary focus is to be a multi-gaming community that is not clan/guild specific.
OGV invites clans and teams or guilds to advertise, promote and create new, using the http://onlinegamingveterans.com website. We
also offer free forum hosting for groups that wish to start new. (Uses SMFw/simple portal).

We have a public Teamspeak for anyone to use and will upgrade as needed to meet the needs of the community.

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PVP Server Back up and running

All Servers are back up and Running, with a fresh restart.

Never mind, was using dev branch and forgot.

With the Latest update, i will not be wiping my server. However During the next Content/Patch/Version update i will Wipe the server in order to eliminate any inconsistencies between client and server versions.

Correction Both servers were wiped do the new issues.

PVE Server received building materials after the wipe to restart their construction. Air Drop extravaganza fills the sky as well.

Pending Title change.

The pvp server now uses Oxide with a few mods, nothing that takes away from the challenges of the game. Feel free to join the server and ask questions about how the mods work or are used. Play the game knowing that you wont have to worry.

All updates have been applied to the server and All mods are currently working. Economy prices Have not been set yet and will be set accordingly.