[US]Oxide/PVP/Sleepers/Active Admins/Instant Craft/Lots of Great Mods!

Hey there! ustx260.playrust.eu:28000 (Hosted in Dallas) is a 250 player server which was created 1/30/14. Even though the server is PVP we are a very friendly bunch and are looking for all sorts of players! We have tons of great mods to not only help you get started but we feel promote a more fulfilling Rust experience. Admins are always open to suggestions in regards to new exciting mods or concerns to game balancing (Loot, airdrops, economy etc)-----------------------------------------------------Our most popular mods------------------------------------------------*Door sharing,*Groups - Group chat & Private Messages, In a group you will not hurt your friends!,*Economy - Buy and Sell Guns, Ammo, Health Kits and Building Materials, Get money for Killing Players, Zombies and Wildlife,*Adjusted loot table - Made Explosive Charges a rarity (to cut down on raids) as well as balanced drops to make Military weapons more rare,*Location - find your Latitude and Longitude,*Base Alarms - Find out who’s raiding you!,*Chat history - shows the last 20 lines of text,*Teleporting! - You can Teleport to your friends using your chat box, twice a day!,*Stats! - Get your Player Kills/Deaths/Suicides and Zombie kills, *Customized Airdrops - Airdrops configured to drop Every Real World Hour,*Instant craft---------------------------------------------------------------More to come!------------------------------------------------------Our Admin team is constantly playing and monitoring to ensure a fair game for every player. Thanks for the read and happy gaming!