Well Hi lads

Just bought a another server from HFB servers

Fresh Wipe today******


server name: [US] | OXIDE | TELEPORTS | PM | DOOR SHARE |


Oxide chat history
Oxide door sharing
Oxide /list players
Oxide MOTD
Oxmin plugin
Oxide server private messaging
Oxide teleportation request
oxide starter kits

May consider adding money mod if community wants it:)

No admin abuse!

See you rusting soon lads

Leave feedback about the server happy to help

great server, brilliant mods and helpful admins

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money mod please!

Hello lads!

I give you a warm welcome on our server!!
I’ll be a moderator on this server, and I’m willing to organise server events for all the players online periodically. The more people online the better! Server’s brand new so get out there and build that massive fortress as quick as possible, till someone get’s his hand on some explosives!

Take care in the woods!


getting some players on going well check it out guys and yes fox that event idea sounds great and thanks bridge

This is an amazing server ive loved the community in the server everyone helps and when you need any help or asking a question to an admin you always get a quick response and overall a really good server

Thanks buddy I’m glad you enjoyed it:))

A fresh wipe always gives a server a “fresh feel”. Great server.

Meh, its alright.
Its pretty fucking awesome. Good staff, haven’t seen any admin abuse.
Community is pretty nice.

morning bump (:

Thanks guys glad you enjoyed it!

Few constant players keep it up and we will start some events

I love this server, one of the best server i ever joined, the mods work realy well and the admins seem to be very nice, even at first join

Community is growing! Keep it coming!

Thanks sandor glad you enjoyed it!

Our player base is getting bigger and the community!!!

server restarted and group oxide mod added :slight_smile:

decay is also changed to 1 xD so it’s basically off compared to 300:)

got alot more people joining now keep up the good work

admins should now be active most hours

WTF? I log in and just rubberband back to where I logged in at, doors are lagged, etc… is there a problem???

I’m not sure buddy, ill try sorting it out and try getting it fixed

Great server played yesterday and enjoying it hugely

Everyone should check it out and the mods are brilliant