US Paratroopers about to fire bazooka

I know it ins’t perfect so can anyone please edit it?

Give fair criticism please.

A bit too much filter rape… And the soldier with the bazooka is very stiff, the running soldier is well posed. Keep it up


Oh, and never simple DoF, use SUPER Dof

Standing up straight like that the shooter is gonna fall over when he pulls the trigger.

And his loader will die.


And the Tiger won’t be damaged in the slightest.

What Chesty said, you need to hit it on its side or rear, where it had little armor to do something to it, and all it will probably do is just give away their position either way.

i seen that the gun on the loader looks off

The other guy is gonna get a face full of propulsion flame.

Ease up on the bloom/filters. Work on posing and camera angles. It’s not too bad though.

turn of bloom