US Power Armor Soldier standing all badass like.

Descriptive title ftw.

Nice work.

Nice picture.

Paint for you :smiley:


Very Badass indeed.

His eye… hole things… Look different colors all together.

+1 Badass

Was listening to this while clicking the link. I came.


Mostly the beginning buildup though.


Great image and editing.

It’s because the light reflects to them from Different angle.

Thanks guys.

I wish Fallout 3 things were higher quality.

Nice experimental med-x power armor you have there.
edit: What’s the dumb rating for?

Wow thats a real badass picture.
Rated you artistic!

To me, his hand should be pointed at a higher angle, the same angle as his arm.

I don’t know… His hand looks wierd to me.

i love that power armour

So does everybody else.

Needs more trigger discipline.

Nah, he’s about to blindfire at that bird offscreen. :fuckyou:

Of course. Fuck that bird up, man. Fuck it up.
Also, what is that gun in the game?

It’s the Laser Rifle, or AER9 Laser Rifle if you’re using FOOK.