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Hello everyone, I decided after some bit of thought that I would do my best to start up a community for Rust allowing others to have another server to play on with their friends or just new players in general. The server is practically brand new and is basically completely clean and still has a few players already that play on it and are working on bases. I’m currently in the process of making a website so other’s can use a forums towards this.

How to connect
Server ip:

Press F1 while in-game and type the following;


New players can type /help to bring up commands when they first join the server.


- Sleeper is currently on.

- There is no fall damage as of right now.

- Air drop is also on and happens when players are on.

- PvP is on.

- Crafting is currently instant as this is a new community/server.

- Door Share is available for anyone.

- Oxide is running on the server as well for the server.

- Hacker free for everyone.

Hopefully some new people will check this out, thank you!