[US] Pure En Rust Servers

Hello everybody,
Here at Pure En(tertainment) we provide admin abuse free servers and a friendly environment whenever you need help. We settle for the best quality of servers and provide great game play to everyone! We are a new community that would like to grow bigger and bigger. We are striving to advance in other games and we are starting off in Rust! Come join us today and invite all your friends and family! Help us help you! Since we are currently constructing our website feel free to contact us at any time at administrator@pureen.us if you have any questions, comments, and concerns, or if you would like to just chat it up with the crew, come join us in our temporary team speak server(we are getting a bigger one as soon as our community gets big enough, don’t worry):
Or if you would just like to play, our servers are rust1.pureen.us:28025, rust2.pureen.us:28025, rust3.pureen.us:28030, these are all brand new, hope you all enjoy! If you have anything you would like to see in the servers, again, feel free to contact us at administrator@pureen.us until our website if up and running :slight_smile: Hope to see you all soon.