US|PvE|Farm|NoobFriendly|NoWipe|Fresh 4/13/14|0Dmg|0Dur|Insta|NoobFriendly|AirDrops|TP|City|

The Inner Circle PVE sever is up and running.

The Mods
No Fall Dam
No Durability ( i hate losing a good gun)
Decay rate will be > 2 months
No Raiding
No C4

Farms by Most Rads, Look for Resource Pile’s in Roads. (working on this)
City’s Come Start a city any place on Map (out side rads) ill drop Resource by you to help you Build)

Noob Friendly and helpful

Small thing about this sever. I will never wipe it. I been playing so long and have manny Server wipe me out.
SO here ya Go build have fun and make some thing only you can Do.

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Farms are up and ppl are Joining yes!

got a few regs now looking like a keeper. come make a city

upto 8 regs all good guys making tons cool builds. 375 tower being one :slight_smile:
Most are PM 7ish est