[US]PVP|5 player Air Drops|Sleepers| 12/31

Our Server Guarantee:
#1 No Admin Abuse
#2 No Admin Powers. Admin will be used strictly for banning hackers only.
#3 No Bullshit Our server will be guaranteed 100% admin free unless hackers are present
#4 We Will Start Fresh Just like you will start fresh, There will be no free items for any player or any admins everything will be earned the PROPER WAY
#5 100% No BS Hackers can be reported directly through steam Kaotic07 or on here.

This is a brand new PVP server. Nobody(including myself) will receive any sort of help. I will be looking for admins in the near future depending on server popularity. Hackers will be banned(please share some proof and steam info if you can!).

Air drops will come with a minimum of 5 players dropping only 1-2 crates. I will control random special events(PVP Arena, Air Drops for extra fun) depending players online.

THIS IS A FRESH 50 slot server. I am the only one who has been on it!!