[US]PvP/Oxide/1/2Craft/Starter Kit/2/19 Fresh/No Wipes


Grim’s Gluttons

• Fresh Server as of 2/19/14
• Oxide
• PvP
• Sleepers
• Airdrop at 10 Players
• Friendly Community
• Half Craft
• Starter Kit with Bow and 10 Arrows, Sleeping Bag, Bandages and 2 Cooked Chicken Breasts.
• No Admin Abuse.
• No Wipes that are under our control.
• Currently only 100 slots hope to increase as population grows.
• Three Mini Game Arenas. We plan to expand with our own Lua plugins.
• Community website http://grimsgluttons.enjin.com/

Come check this server out!

We have a working pvp Arena!

IP has changed…

Please visit http://grimsgluttons.enjin.com/


Come pvp with us!

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Hey I play here, so it must be FAN-F’ING-TASTIC! :wink:

No really people, this is a great server. The admins are very helpful and honest. They have events, and an Arena that are really cool. The Admins are very active, and keep the server as clean as they can. I highly recommend this server.

Looking for more to join server. Loot table is edited (Rare Military), but craft able. So far during prime we’re seeing 30 people would love to see around 40-50.