[US PVP] Rust Barons - Launched 3/9! No wipes! No admin abuse! Magma /destroy /share etc

Rust Barons

US PVP server based in Chicago. Full loot pvp vets preferred a la Darkfall, AC/Darktide etc!

To join, press F1 for the console, and copy/paste: net.connect

**Tired of wipes? ** No wipes unless we absolutely have to for a new Rust version!
**Tired of admin abuse? ** Admins are only allowed to ban hackers, no item spawning, no fucking around!

50% item durability (0% armor durability loss).
1/4th crafting time.
Air drops at 20 players.
Vanilla item drops.

Magma mod with Rust++. Door sharing, friends list, pm’s, and more!

  • /destroy toggles destroy mode on and off so you can pick up items you put down wrong.
  • **/votekick **to ban hackers on the off chance admins aren’t around (very unlikely!)
  • Will definitely run a faction/turf type mod as soon as a stable one is found.

Teamspeak server available if anyone wants to actually use it.

Bump for prime time