[US PvP] Rust-Nation.com Share/InstaCraft/Sleepers/Admins/Friendly!


The server information is: (press f1 at main menu and type “net.connect” which will connect you)

Current server name is: “-- [US PvP] Rust-Nation.com Share/InstaCraft/Sleepers” and currently has a limit of 100 players.

All crafting is INSTANT! On the other hand, cooking will take some time :wink: Don’t die of hunger!

We have sharing enabled, you can simply type “/share “name of friend”” and all your doors will open for them. This is cASe SensiTIVe.

Airdrops will begin dropping as soon as 10 players are in the server.

Server commands are as follow:

/help – Shows all server commands /location – Shows your location in coordinates /history – Shows the chat history of the previous 8 messages /pm – private message a friend with “/pm “name”” /players – lists the other players in the server /starter – Grants you the starter kit! Includes cloth armor, bow&arrows, bandage, sleeping bad, stone hatchet, and 60xwood. /ping – shows your current ping to the server /share /unshare – shares/unshares your ability to open your doors with other players

Our website is still under construction (but viewable). Feel free to visit anytime :slight_smile:

Remember that this server is PvP so watch your back! Don’t forget to use your starter kit, and make sure you are in a safe spot when you logout because sleepers are enabled! You will fall asleep where you logout and can be killed!

We have a store on our website for in-game items, and we will be doing random events throughout the week.

I started here with my group a few days ago… everything was going pretty well, made “friends” with the admins etc. As time went on, several red flags started to arise… the admins lack of maturity, experience with the game, etc. “Rushmatics” trash-talks players, laughs at them and will ban you if you annoy him. BTW, trying to have a simple discussion and trying to resolve server/player issues is considered “annoying” him. The other admin named “Bighrasi” befriended us… we played with him and even joined him on team-speak. Few days later, they start playing games… luring us out of our bases to go raid someone while having their group of friends on the sidelines waiting to run into our base. They apparently had our door codes, all our doors opened up and they just roamed around one of our bases freely. There were like 10 of them, including the admins and the owner. We fought back and killed them all, yet all our c4s and other items were missing… I assume they either tp’d out or threw them away. Literally, none of them know how to play the game, they just go on admin-assisted raids". They ALL died in our base. Funny isn’t it? After what they claimed was a “raid”, they deny any wrongdoing. We had plenty of crap to continue playing but called it quits and either destroyed or gave our items away. Admins are disgusting and will fuck you because they’re a bunch of kids. The owner himself, “Highlord” will talk shit to his own players. We got banned afterwards just conversing with them… I assume to prevent others in the server from hearing what we had to say. I hear they also completely removed our 3 huge bases. My group is composed 8+ players that are mature and experienced with each of us having hundreds of hours logged. Once again, our attempt at finding a
legitimate server with admins that actually “administer” the server proved to be another failure. From an honest player that truly just wants a great server to play on, I advise you all to stay away from this server. What kind of admins say that they “played” you? Disgusting. Oh, I almost forgot. You can buy shit on their website too… it’s like a pay-2-win. You gotta pay to get on their good side.

http://toprustservers.com/server/6008 Check here, found a post written by another player a few days before. Seems like his group received the same treatment as my group did. Wish I had read his post before playing on this server.

Server was fun, but certain admins do not treat players fairly nor politely, and there is a lack of professionalism on the admin-monitoring crew. Some admins do what they please and act like children who have received too much power. Hopefully the situation will be rectified but as it currently stands, it can be a risky place to sit down and enjoy your time on Rust. Full story details on their website. Link here: http://www.rust-nation.com/forum/m/19903211/viewthread/11359375-lack-professionalism-immature-admin/page/1

Get your facts right before making assumptions.

They exploited, warned, got raided, raged claiming admin abuse, banned due to multiple uses of exploits.

The owner here is completely avoiding what my post was completely about. My group was banned for the reasons mentioned above, my post is for something entirely different. Get your facts correct please highlord.

I replied to you appropriately on multiple websites and in personal messages to all of your team. No need to constantly reply to an unreasonable person.