[US][PvP][Sleepers][50% off Craft][Air Drops][Random Events] Game-Tuts Rust 24/7

We are a new up and coming server just started fresh! If you want a friendly server with active admins that handle issues quickly and promptly and give you a fun gaming environment, then check out our server and see if it’s for you. Hackers, constant chat spam, racism, etc will not be tolerated.

Severs Started 01/11/2014


  • PVP | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Wipes | Only if Forced to
  • Admin | Active - No abuse or spawning
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 10 players on the server)
  • Community | Friendly and helpful
  • 50 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed
  • Random Events | Airdrops/Loot


  • No racism, flaming, insulting, cheating or exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English language


  • Jawsh
  • Vixen
  • Ninja

Mumble Details:

  • IP |
  • Port | 3287
  • Slots | 50


  • We will be upgrading to Oxide With Door Share and Other Mods as soon as they are available.
  • Website/Forums access: http://game-tuts.com

Hopefully get the Oxide system on our server here within the next week. May be delayed, still waiting on our server provider to correctly configure it for use and get it added.

Will keep everyone updated.
In the meantime, going to do a Let’s Play video this weekend when we hopefully get a better community of players, and some random fun events.

Getting Oxide this week! Can’t wait.

Going to be adding some awesome plugins to the server, so drop on in, start building and enjoy!

Server has been updated with Oxide!
We now have multiple plugins running to give you a better gaming experience and abilities to do slightly more.

Current plugins:
AdminHelp - Users can contact admins; Admin only chat; Admin PM response.
Chat History - plugin to show the last 20 chat entries.
Door Sharing- A simple yet useful plugin that allows players to share their doors with other players.
Groups - You can create groups and invite friends to your group.
Kits - Provides a kit/starter gear. Can only use once.
List - Shows a list of players on server
Private Messaging - Allows you to privately message other players on server.
Teleportation Requests - Allows you to teleport to a friend. Friend must also accept the teleport.

Other plugins added for administration purposes as well that haven’t been named.
Plan to add few more plugins to the server once stable enough.

Always be sure to type /help in the server chat to see any server commands.