US Rangers plan an ambush (DOD:S)

“How many of them are out there?”

Just testing a couple of models before release. C&C?

I love the models.

He spotted azz

Ass in sight

Could do with w_model reskins of those weapons. DoDS defaults are pretty ugly.

“Sarge I’ve spotted an kraut at my 9’oclock!”

Meh. Fail joke is fail. Anywho good picture.

The models look like they’d be in the Pacific if they had a camouflage pattern on their jackets and helmet.

There’s a skin like that in the pack, too. :v:

I really guess I should have posed his eyes somewhere else…

great models but the picture looks mehh
needs DoF and some shading

Black people weren’t allowed to serve with whites

I realized that while I was making the thread. Ah well. It’s just not historically accurate. :v:

That’s a very nice BAR right there.

german models look really go0d but not sure about the white shirt americans