[US] Rare Military & C4 drop|No craft high grade military or C4|Door Share|Oxide|PVP|Sleepers

Server Name: MultiplayNEW1/18[US]RareMil&C4/PVP/Doorshare/Sleep/.5Craft Server IP:Port “”

Server Admin: Renwo ~Relatively active to ensure the server is running well and answer any questions. I will however be looking for other admins or assistant admins that can help people and answer questions when we are offline. New server means a great opportunity to establish before it gets really populated.

Those who wish to join with their friends can request 1 teleport upon initial connection, this allows those who come together to get started playing together. Heads-up though, once you get started teleports are not offered… this is specifically for players who join in a group.

1.Reduced drops on boxes, zombies, airdrops. Since the drops on all of these are reduced it is harder for plcayers to capitalize on a server, this allows newer players a better chance of establishing

2.Military equipment is not able to be researched and uncraftable, it however can still be found on the map. -All Kevlar Armor - M4,Shotgun,9mm,P250,MP5A4 -C4, F1 Grenade Although you are still able to craft the revolver, pipe shotgun, and bolt action rifle and hand cannon

3.We believe 50% craft time and possibly even 25%, depending on the communities response, is the best way to go. Full craft just takes up too much time.

4.The server size is currently 50 Since we are new, it is a given that time will be needed for the community to grow. As we grow in size and approach our cap, we will expand with the community. As our community grows and more addons become available, we plan on adapting to what the majority is interested in.

We like to take the servers opinion into consideration before wipes, bans, addons, etc. – Hope to see new members to the community!

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