[US]Riftwalk-Oxide|PvP|Econ|NoCheat|MassDrop|Sleep|Insta|Tp - Need Staff & Members!


is a newly-created server looking for a strong admin team and members to come and play.

Server IP - net.connect (Press F1 and paste)

Website - www.riftwalkrust.enjin.com

We’re looking for admins, let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for helping us start off, and when you join the server, we’ll help you start off too!

We’re constantly monitoring the server for cheaters/exploiters, and we have a strong policy about no admin abusing.

-Auction House
-Ingame Store
-Teleport Commands
-Starter Kits
-Low Ping
-Low Population Airdrops(10 Players) at least once every in-game day.
-Friendly, Active Admins with Admin ticket system
-Cheat Protection
-Increased Resource Spawn
-Crafting of C4 Disabled
-Base Alarm lets you know when you are under attack
-The Purge Mod(just like the movie!)

this server is great, and the admins treat people like family