Official site: http://rust.deftoned.com

Server: **net.connect **

So what are you waiting for? Join us or Doge.

Obligatory server banner image thingy:

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this server has a great community awesome admins and owner custom resipies rare c4 and military weapons to give new players a fighting chance pvp is encouraged raiding is encouraged nude congas are, and nude cults as well. bring your friends your family and come join and play for a wile and if you like the server leave positive feed back here and you will receive an in game reward just leave your in game name in the message and you will receive an in game incentive when you are next online.
have a good time rusting and hope you join the server.

Excellent server! Plenty of friendly players. Admins are very helpful and non-abusive. I bounced around servers alot before finding Rust In Peace. Now I can’t imagine rusting anywhere else. Great server, would definitely recommend. Only complaint, population can be low sometimes. We just need some more players is all!


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Bumping. Just added a $20 Steam Gift Card giveaway to whoever can complete my giant maze.

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