[US] Rock Town City Gaming - Creating a Movie CAST & CREW are Needed! (around 30-100)

TO CLARIFY WHAT WE’RE DOING - It’s not really a movie, but a series. Basically, once roles are set out we will begin shooting episodes. They will start recording when 10-20 are good and ready. We are going to create episodes to go alongside the development of Rust itself!

(If this is in the wrong category let me know and I’ll fix it!)

We’re currently in the process of gathering enough people to create a video series! Most information can be found on our steam group page & website.

  • Looking for mature people. No age requirement, but just know swears will be in it. Everything will mostly depend on your steam profile and your application.

  • If you’re interested in doing voice acting, being the main character, etc… please make sure you have a decent mic (with little to no background noise!!!) You can still apply to dub for those who want to act as an extra/possibly main character and have no headset.

  • More information can be found here on our website

  • Real site address will come (to remove ads, more access to features, etc…) once we have around 30-50 able to help. (Don’t worry it’s free to join.)

  • Currently there are 2 editors/recorders and 2 writers. No editors are currently needed but recorders might be once we reach around 60 people. TEASERS AND TRAILERS WILL BEGIN AT AROUND 8-15 PEOPLE.

  • There’s about 8 of us who have a lot of experience with video games and film editing/making on them as well as script writing. We are serious about this project, and hope that you are as well!