[US] Round Table | Wiped 1/20 | PvP | Oxide | Honest Admins

We are looking for people that want to play the game how its supposed to be played. The admins make this a very playable server banning hackers and harassers ASAP.

What they have to offer:

  • they listen to our community (preferable game settings, etc)
  • they play often
  • Willing to help any new people as much as possible
  • We play fair, but we don’t make exceptions to make the game any less for ourselves
  • Quarter craft is now enabled
  • Door sharing

What to watch out for:

  • You’re going to get killed naked it can’t be stopped

  • If you plan to exploit, hack, or harass you will be banned

  • Griefing is aloud (it’s your fault if you make your base “grief-able”

We look forward to seeing you guys in here!

Console: net.connect

Server wipe 1/20

Last server had about 30+ active members. Lets do it again!

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