[US]RUST++1.53 reported admin abuse.

My guild and I recently played on the server listed above for a few weeks. It was pretty quite for a while due to content resets.
However now that the game has been going a couple of weeks the admin seems to favor the (Ez0) guild and a few friends.
verification came in last nights raid of their building. Our group had 10 plus players. They had 2 for defense.
Our group made it all the way into the middle of the base when all of a sudden one naked guy ran out blasting a shot gun and would not die no matter how many rounds the 12 of us threw down.
When we questioned the admin about it, he just stated he wanted video proof. That was odd because usually he will watch suspected cheating and ban them. Not just brush it off.
When we called him out on it. He immediately started banning people.
The whole server (whoever was on atm) saw it and about 30 people have left as a result. More soon I’m sure.

This is not a rant about admin abuse. Its his (her)server, have fun with it. Do whatever you want. Sooner or later they will have just themselves to shoot and hopefully they will learn from it.

If your looking for a fair server. This one is not it. Try to avoid it if you can. Odds are they will just change the name.

sounds like you shouldnt play on that server anymore…

and we arnt. just a post to inform the public

Your welcome to try our my server, no admin abuse. PM me if you want the net.connect address.