[US] Rust Central PvP|Sleepers|Instacraft|Doorshare|Oxide

Server Info
Server Name: – Rust Central PVP|Deep Economy|SLP|Insta|10+ Oxide Mods|
Server IP: net.connect (F1 to get in console then copy paste)

Server Features: Mods By Oxide
Noob Friendly (It Still Is PvP)
Starting Kit if you want one (Sleeping bag, 5 Cook Chicken and a Stone Hatchet)
Fix Player Name
Basic Economy
Custon Loot Tables
Group Mod
Death Handler
Again will add more as they are added
Player base demands, I only add what the players want.

All Depend On What Players Want
Rewards During Events

(BohiCa)I am the owner but I dont play as in killing or raiding i will let you know i just roam around mainly watching other players play,battle raid or do what you rust players do. If you see me in game I will drop anything that I have Gather to help out I dont spawn nothing to give anyone just what i have collected, mainly the new players. I do not drop any Military weapons I in no way Favor anyone. I mainly am in God mode Im being very honest again i dont kill or raid, to let you know when we do have events I then turn off god mode for event fights like Lastman standing, rock fights, pipe shotgun fights and stuff like that. I try to do some 420 Wood Drops once a day or so I dont give out anything when ask.
Im am Fair and Honest as you can log on my server and ask anyone on about me.
No Admin Abuse

Some Rules:
No Hacks
No Spam Chat (No All Caps)
No Racism

M4,Bold Action,MP5,Shotgun and Kevlar in a air drops or you can buy them in our market.
You can not craft C4 Only in Air Drops Air Drops Set At 10 Players

Our Market
You Can Buy And Sell
You can buy and sell just about everything in rust no more stacks of unwanted goods. Its a very good market we have on our server if you like to gather, collect hunt and then sell what you found to buy something on the market we got it.
All Kevlar M4, Bolt Action Rifle, MP5, Shotgun, A Supply Signal Plus Many More Items

We do have Team Speak let me know and i can set you up a private room for your group.

Thanks for Checking the post. any comments welcomed.


Found Hackers

Found this Guy Flying and Had C4,F1,M4,Plus alot more after 30min on server http://steamcommunity.com/id/gfger45/

Fun server! :smiley:

Server is fresh so if you are looking for a good FRESH start be sure to check this out! Also make sure to check around for large storage boxes. The owner put them around the map and I cant find any. xD They have wood, metal, etc. to help you get started. so good luck!


Bump? :slight_smile:

Hey, All

Just added Basic Economy Will be working on a a list of items to buy. Loot tables also in the making to make it a bit harder to get C-4. Will Keep you posted.

Will Add Economy in the name also.

New Server Name to reflect economy is [US] Rust Central PvP|SLP|Insta|Doorshare|Economy|Oxide Thread Title is not changed though.

The new economy plugin is awesome! :smiley:


Updated! Come Join Free Air Supply Signal for the weekend

Join now while the population is low.

Doing an mass air drop in 5 mins just a heads up

This is A HUGE Maze For you guys to try!! Finishing up the 2nd level on the maze. Come Check it Out!! It Is Ready


Paper is not worthless on this server =) you can now sell it on the Market we got. Make Sure to check us out as we are adding a lot of features for you.

Love the new addition of selling paper! Great idea!

Events Added And Some Building For Events Added Enjoy

If we can we one more person on we will have a mass airdrop!

Just Finished with an event Thanks guys for entering our 1v1!!

1v1 was awesome! I hope we can have a lot more of that. :slight_smile:

Yeah it was A lot of fun.

Come Join us.!!

Latest news from stroz08:

There are a few problems with selling and buying things with spaces in the name with the new economy mod at the moment. BohiCa is working on it.