[US] Rust++ Creative Mode

Remember creative mode from minecraft? Well there arn’t quite any mods to replicate that yet but with Rust++ and Drop Party I can have it so you can easily craft almost everything you want.

[US] Rust++ Creative Mode is a server in which you have easy access to almost EVERYTHING. /starter spawns 250 of all metal building materials, 1000 wooden planks, m4 + ammo and many other basic crafting materials.
Almost all items in the game have been added to the zombie loot tables.

Looting the weapon crate (silver crate) gives you 60 metal doors. Looting the junk crates (small wood crates) gives you 12 research kits. Looting the medical crate (red crate) gives you 3000 wood. Looting the ammo crate (green crate) gives you 3000 metal fragments.

PLEASE NOTE: This server WILL WIPE MAP DATA OFTEN to keep this server as lag free as possible. Don’t get too attached to your creations, this should be considered a test server to try various build designs in or a server to play around with game mechanics or anything like that. This server restarts daily at 5am EST.

Server settings:
PvP Off
Airdrops Off
Sleepers Off
Door Sharing Enabled
Falling damage disabled.

Don’t grief other players constructions!
Don’t intentionally try to lag the server.

This server is hosted by fpsplayers.com and is located in New York.
To connect to this server hit F1 and type: net.connect

Updated the server today! (1/18/14)

Added more items to the zombie loot table (almost all items in the game now).

Changed /starter to give more basic crafting materials instead of multiple weapons/attachments/armor.

Server should now restart daily at 5am EST.

I have also built an unraidable base at civilian hanger. The only way to raid the base is with a glitch in the game. The glitch involves getting stuck against a barricade to jump higher you would normally be able to.
The unraidable base design originally came from kushache from the thread: Trollproof / C4 Proof Base (thread appears to have been deleted). I have made some changes to his design as his old design had some vulnerabilities (players could reach the center pillars).

Dunning-Kruger is my steam name: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dunning-Kruger
If you see me in the server I can teleport you to any area you want. To see various teleport locations, see this map here http://rustmapmarks.com/maps.php?h=0QDSm4PsDJ1TI

Rustnuts has also offered a service which allows you to find out where you will teleport to. It shows a small green dot at the coordinate.

Server update! 1/26/14

Wiped the server today!
Highest playercount so far: 18
Average playercount seems to be about 5-6

Changes to server since last update:
Zombies drop sulfur & gunpowder
Zombies drop 2 explosive charges now instead of 1
Zombies drop explosives (C4 is craftable now)

Down? :frowning: