Welcome to Rust Headquarter’s Server



Welcome Rust players! Rust HQ is looking for more players to join our awesome server. We are so far a group of 30+ active players. Server is active eastern evening and nights and we would love to see you add to the number!

Please feel free to join our steam group page! This Friday night will be awesome!

Server Information:

  1. PvP Enabled
  2. Sleepers Enabled
  3. Rear Weapons
  4. 1/4 Craft Times
  5. Door Sharing (Now Utilizing Pin Codes)
  6. New York Located
  7. TeamSpeak3

What Does Rare Weapons Mean?

Rare weapons is a server style that encourages players to value their property better. Players will NOT be allowed to craft any guns. Players must resort to scavenging and searching in order to secure weapons with much more power and capability.

What Is Craftable And Uncraftable?

Guns = Uncraftable
Cloth Armor = Craftable
Leather Armor = Craftable
Rad Armor = Uncraftable
Kevlar = Uncraftable
Metal House Parts = Craftable (Doorways Uncraftable)
Ammunition = Craftable
Grenades & C4 = Uncraftable

Research Kits have a low drop rate

What Do Airdrops Spawn?

Airdrops contain very valuable resources that can have a large impact on a players struggle to survival. Airdrops will begin to randomly spawn when 15+ are on the server. Airdrops will contain items such as:

  1. Military Grade Weapons
  2. Kevlar Armor
  3. C4 and Grenades
  4. Metal Housing Pieces

What is Oxide Mod?

Oxide is a server modifications that will enhance the Rust experience for all players. The features players will have access to are:

Player Commands

  1. /pm “playername” “message”

  2. /list (Displays a list of online players)

  3. /history (Shows chat history)

  4. /ping (shows latency between client and server)

  5. Base Alert - Notifies a player when their base is under attack.


Had about 20+ players on. Always looking for more!

Bump for another night of fun!

I played on this server before they were rare drops. Very competitive server.

Indeed competition is always fun. The server has a couple groups on it so if anyone wants to join there is still plenty of time to begin hunting for weapons and more!

bump bump bump

Join the Steam group and get ready for some fun tonight!


If you’re spending Friday night at home why not come and play with us!?

Saturday night is Rust night! Come play with us tonight, get some airdrops!


15 Players still on! Airdrops are spawning with 10+. Perfect time to start building and maybe get an airdrop :wink:

Come play with us tonight. Enough people on for airdrops and not enough to be killed on sight lol.

Bump bump bump.

Added lots of new mods/features! Check out the group page!