[US] Rust Life:PvP|Economy|HalfCraft|DoorShare|Bounty (1/17/14)

[US] Rust Life:PvP|Economy|HalfCraft|DoorShare|Bounty (1/17/14)

(F1 in console then type net.connect to join!)

Fresh new server as of the 17th of January. Oxide add-ons include doorshare, groups, private messaging, admin messaging, economy, bounty, Death messages and more in the future! With enough people we will host server events offering some well worth rewards;). Economy adds another aspect to playing the game, kill zombies, kill players, and sell items to make money and buy items you want. (All prices and rewards will be balanced according to the status of the server economy to make it fair for everyone) Also possible changes to getting explosives might include removing them from crafting but making their appearance in air drops much more plentiful encouraging some more action! But again this has not yet been added. With Bounty you can set a bounty on someone for X amount of money and they killers will get the money when they kill them!

We are fair admins and we made this server to rise above the community servers and
their malicious admins banning for such things as destroying, killing, or raiding anyone including the admins legitimately. Any possible cheaters will be investigated and banned

Feel free to join, we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Summary of Features
-Active admins always on duty /adminhelp to contact an admin
-150 player slots
-Airdrop requires 50 online players
-Paper removed from loot tables!
-Economy (Earn money by killing zombies, players, and selling items)
-Bounty (Set a bounty on someone for money and the person who kills them gets it!)
-Death messages (Shows who kills who in chat)
-Server Events in the future
Server Rules

  • No racism, flaming, cheating, exploiting or crying hacker over global chat.(Message an admin using /adminhelp message)

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(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

good server with active understanding admins

So far I’ve enjoyed it. The economy feature is nice. I also like the bounty aspect. I’m going to become an official bounty hunter on this server.

We’re trying to get as many people as possible to join our server! We encourage groups and competitive PVP. Come join the steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RustLife

I’m not sure how much this post helped, but we made some serious progress yesterday! We went from 7 Group Members to 110! We also had about 35-40 people at our peak and we were able to do our servers first air drop.

My goal is to get 50+ people today, and hopefully by this weekend an active core and we can start doing fun custom events with rewards!