[US]Rust+NEW1/24 Pvp/Starter+Weapon/75%Craft/Sleep

Our Website http://ogaming.net/

**Come play on the new and improved 50 slot rust server!
The server is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona

In the console of your game type the following to connect:


Our mumble server ip: dal.eoreality.net Port: 28075

Some of the features the server includes!

  • 24/7 Uptime
  • No Admin Abuse
  • No Admin Griefing
  • Rust++ Mod
  • Constantly Updated
  • Just Wiped
  • Sleepers
  • Small Starter Kit**

this server is legit, laid back admins

Great Server. Just wiped a day or two ago. Good admins, laid back, and 420 friendly…or so they say