(US) Rust Republic | PvP | .5 Craft | Sleepers | Oxide | Active Admins

Hello all! This is a server that was created on 1/26 and looking to expand the playerbase.

Currently we have a mixture of both English and Spanish speaking players, and are more than happy to welcome all who wish to come.

Current features on server include:
75 server slots
See who kills who with what and where. (Player A killed Player B with a M4 to the head)
/history command to see most recent chat messages
/who to view number of survivors online
Modified loot tables to decrease the amount of C4 randomly found on zombies as well as making military style weapons slightly rarer to find.
Crafting speed is set to .5
Minimum number of players needed for airdrops is set to 15
Sleepers is turned on
Admins are planning arena style events as the playerbase expands

Stop in, set up a house, and enjoy yourself. We look forward to seeing you on server!


Thank you for sharing, I’ll be sure to check it out.