[US] Rust Server l Wiped 1/24 l fairly new l Noobs Welcome l helpful Admins l PVP l 100 slot

Thank you for reading, If you have any questions at all hit me up on steam or in this thread(Preferred for bumps)

Quick General Info:
Server Name: “[US West]Synergy Gaming(PVP/Sleep) -Active Admin- Rust++”
100 player slots
PvP is enabled
Sleepers enabled
Air Drops Start at 20 people in the server, happen every day cycle (No admin called air drops)
/starter command for quick starting, Stone Hatchet, Wood Shelter, Sleeping Bag, 3 bandages
near 24/7 Experienced Admin support, ZERO ABUSE PERIOD.
Fresh wipe, 01/24/2014

Public TeamSpeak 3 Server:
Server IP = “ts3.synergygamingclan.com
Create temp channels by Right clicking Public Rust> create Sub-Channel
Leaving the temp channel deletes it.

Synergy Gaming Website
I post pretty much daily with server news.
The forums are perfect for discussing trade, player politics and cheat reporting.

Rust++ Features
Door sharing
Chat history
Player list & online count
Private messaging system
Friend system
Starter kits
Message of the day
Server notices
Player join/leave notices
Voice proximity Fix
Auto saving
Admin announcements
Display coordinates
Display ping

History and Description
I started this server to be able to personally prevent any and all admin abuse. I was also tired of servers changing things that result in a horrible game economy, Spawning things, Calling airdrops all day. While Air drops are fun, they are incredibly OP for gear and mats. Hence why I’ve limited the effect via mods.

This is a server that is dedicated to the community. Friendly and skilled players at all times of the day/night, all willing to help out new players. We welcome Solo players and large groups. The server already had a very active and helpful playerbase. Trolling is at an all time low and base griefing results in bans, provided there is adequate proof.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you in game.
My Steam Profile

– How to connect –
Open the console by Pressing the F1 key. (in game)
type “net.connect” (no quotes)
Hit Enter

One of the best servers i have played on. Great support and nice admins. A+

Great server


Really great server, play on it all the time. You guys should hop on in and join in the fun with us.

Does your server allow crafting of C4? What is the current level of average traffic? Thanks

we get around 20-25 players during peak hours currently. We do allow crafting C4. During next wipe whenever it is. We may take out explosives all together. so you can only get C4 from airdrops and zombies.


So after looking at this thread and finally having freetime, i decided to join this server.
I was welcomed immediately and actually got good tips from members/pubs/admins. All pubs seem to like the server, except for some asian guy, haha!