New server 1-17-14.

Do you find yourself jumping from server to server?

Enjoy having to build new bases or find new people to kill?

Tired of getting hacked and end up trying to pick the pieces together, only to have to start over anyways?

We want to try a different approach. We want to make this server wipe on a shorter wipe schedule, every 2 weeks, for example. Crafting is greatly increased so you can build your place in a day, and then have 2 weeks to rampage and pillage til your heart is content. Then we’ll wipe and start over.
Before each wipe we’ll get a consensus from the server population on the what the theme of the next season will be; primitive weapons only, modern weapons only,less C4, more C4, Arenas… and so forth. This will allow for a different experience, and allow all to get the lead and be King of the Server for a couple of weeks. We feel that this will allow the competition to get stronger and stay stronger. One season you can band with friends and clan mates, and the next season you can lay waste to them. The options are endless.

As Admins we hate hacking as much as the rest of you and will do all in our power to keep the server grief and hack free. We’ve been admins on other servers and can resolve problems quickly and efficiently. No admin abuse, we play the game just like you play the game. You can kill us, and we will definitely try to kill you.

RUSTED DOWNFALL Doorshare/.2 Craft/ PVP/ Sleeper

Press F1 to bring up your console and enter the following: net.connect ""

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))

Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys


Registered to say this server will be great, we have both admined servers before and know how to keep a clean fun environment for players. Check us out. Bring your friends! We are very strict on a 0 admin abuse policy. We have lowered droprates for blueprints and research kits for a slower ramp up to “high tech”. Pop in and get rusty.

Come on in. We have about 14 players looking for more