[US] RustForever Rare military weapons and Kevlar. 200 Pop Wiped 2/1

hit F1 net.connect ustx170.playrust.eu:28020

SERVER PROVIDER: Playrust, this means we are first in line for game updates. These are Gary’s primary servers and thus receive updates long before HFB and other server providers!

LOOT TABLE SUMMARY: [US] RustForever Is a Central US based server that has had its loot tables significantly modified in order to increase the life of the server. Military grade weapons and armor such as M4s, Shotguns and Kevlar are no longer craftable and are ONLY found in air drops. This keeps the playing field SIGNIFICANTLY more equal among new comers. Craftable weapons are used more often with people often running around with bows and pipe shotguns in cloth or leather rather than acquiring a M4 and full kevlar 30 minutes into the server.

ADMIN STAFF: The server is supported by a large Moderator staff and a single admin. Moderators have the ability to ban and are almost constantly on allowing us to ban hackers EXTREMELY quickly, the admin is the only one capable of spawning things and doesn’t actually play the game thus preventing admin abuse that so many of us have experienced on other servers.

SERVER RULES: There are two main rules for this server, the first is no grieving. This entails building a structure to lock a player within his own house. Building around to circumvent walls is fine but simply locking players within their house with 30 wood planks will be punished with temp bans. The second is no suicide bases, you must be able to access your base without committing suicide. Other than that raid and pillage to your hearts content.

MODS: We are currently running oxide with vinegar and several other plug ins that are still being tweaked hop in our server to learn more! 1/2 Craft.

EVENTS: The hunger games is regularly hosted in a 16X16 arena in the far east of the map larger and varied arenas to come!

Military weapons and armor Uncraftable
Active Admin staff
No Griefing (though raiding and pillaging encouraged!)
Oxide Server
Hunger games death arena

Come join us!
hit F1 net.connect ustx170.playrust.eu:28020

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Great admin staff, and the modified loot tables make the server much more noob friendly and makes firefights so much more intense. Will be staying here a while highly recommend it

bump for a good home!

Great server! Thanks!


Bump for hunger games arena of death