[US] RustSurvival.com Oxide DoorShare/Insta/Drops/TP

Hey fellas, thanks for taking a look! We have just opened up a new modded server for those who are looking for a trustworthy server. We are still new, but don’t let that keep you from not trying it out! We are in the stages of figuring out which mods work, and so far we have quite a bit to offer to the survivors out there.

Here is a list of what we have to offer so far:

-Main Oxide Mod uploaded
-Door Sharing
-Air Drops
-Teleportation Request
-Basic Economy with good balance
-Active Admins (2 of us at the time until the server grows)

This is a new beginning for us as server owners, but also for you as players! We will do our best to watch over the server from hackers, bugs you may catch, power balance, and other issues that may occur. The admins play just as fairly as the other players. Admin powers will only be used for certain criteria and for those suspected of cheating. We are all here to have a blast playing some Rust anyways!

Adding a note, RustSurvival.com will be opening within the month or so. Please take the opportunity to stop by and check out the intro page that is currently up. We will be offering a place for the Rust community to go. There will be forums up, guides, tips, and ideas for everyone to use. Have some of your own? Feel free to give us a shout! Once this community sets off, we will start offering out giveaways for those who have registered with us on our community site.

Hope to see you on the server in the near future as well as the site when it is released!

[US] RustSurvival.com Oxide DoorShare/Insta/Drops/TP