[US] Rusty Divinity|Wipe 2/28|Sleepers|PVP|NoAbuse|ActiveAdmins|CheatPunch|


Server name : [US] Rusty Divinity[Wipe 2/28|Sleepers|PVP|NoAbuse|ActiveAdmins|CheatPunch]

Server IP : []

To connect:

  1. Hit F1 when at server login
  2. Type in: net.connect

Server slots : 100
Crafting: Default Craft speed
Air Drops: Begin at 5 players (Completely fresh server want to encourage starters)
Sleepers: On
Decay: On
Durability: Severely increased, armor and weapons will last longer
Time Scale: Standard

Use common sense in chat, gameplay, and how you treat other players. We will not spell out every rule, if you play with fire expect to get burned.

PVP: Play as you wish, we operate under “Valar Morghulis” - All Men Must Die.

Griefing: While we encourage PvP, we will not tolerate malicious griefing.

Chat: Does this need to be stated? Don’t be an ass (eg racial slurs will not be tolerated).