[US] Safe Haven Join us for great prizes and give aways( Noobs Welcome)

Server Name: [US] Safe Haven
Server Address:
Owner: Mike


This Rust server is made up of a mature community where the game is about having fun with minor problems.
This server is overseen by admins so be nice to other players and respect people. Read the Following Rules

Admin background:

The reason this server got set-up was due to several servers having admin abuse. This server does not have any childish admins that will
spawn / cheat their way into beating you and your friends over a well constructed / well formatted team. Spending your time here will
not be ruined by someone with powers, guaranteed.

You won’t have to worry about pay-2-win donation rewards. There will never be any sort of “give donations, free loot” model, ever.

Safe Haven Community:

The community is based off a friendly / build environment, however all the settings will stay on vanilla PVP).
Most of the players on this server do not open fire upon the nudes, however I can not speak for everyone - I am just saying the majority.

There are only a few admins on this server (including myself) who are available
ALMOST 24/7 - through PM’s / text messages / steam / frequently checking logs, making sure the
server is up and functioning. (constant server restarts for game updates, on the ball with that)

Future development:

There will be a future website, voice communication server, and events / giveaways (steam giveaways) …


  1. No Cheating of any kind
  2. No Stealing players hard earned items.
  3. Keep cussing to a min

Server Setup:

  1. PVP is turned on from 3:00p.m. till 9:00p.m. Eastern standard time so people can have the best of both worlds
  2. Sleepers (Off)
  3. PVE (On)
  4. Drops (On)

Manual Connect:

Upon Opening Rust and wanting to do a manual connect to the server Please do the Following Steps:

  1. Open Rust to Main Screen
  2. Press f1
  3. Type net.connect or steam://connect/
  4. Enjoy

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