US Seattle - Active Admins/PvP/Sleepers/AntiHack/Airdrops, We want YOU to help us shape our server!

Hello everybody and thank you for taking the time to check out my post here!!!

We are a group of super chill Oregonians who have fun, and strive to make sure everyone has a great time on our server. So far we have 4 very active admins (including my self) and 3 regular players which totals 7 people so far.

!!Our server is a 150 slot hosted in Seattle, WA. We threw up the extra money for the 150 slot AND even more for a higher quality server so you can forget about lag!!

So far we are on day 2 of having our new server up, and we already have 4 very active admins (we all know eachother irl) !!!ADMIN ITEM SPAWNING IS DISABLED!!! Don’t worry we play legit too :wink: But If a OBVIOUS hacker kills you and steals everything you just spent 4 hours grinding out, then I’ll re-enable item spawning and set you back up :slight_smile:

This server has NO mods on it so far but I have looked into it and I know how to install them to the server its just a matter of which ones to pick, if any at all. That’s where you come in! We want you to help us shape our server into one of the best rust servers around feel like our server is missing something that a mod can give you? TELL US! PLEASE! With 150 slots AND a very high quality lag free server we will definitely be one of the biggest! Suggestions are always welcome and will be talked out and considered, if you stick around long enough and we get to know and trust you, we might just have you join us! And after that you MAY just be offered an admin position :smiley: but that’s way after we get to know you for a reasonably long time.

Please feel free to add me on steam for and questions, comments, or even to troll me and say something funny :slight_smile:

US Seattle - Active Admins/PvP/Sleepers/AntiHack/Airdrops
Press F1 to open console then type (without quotes): “net.connect”

Hope to see you there :slight_smile: