[US Seattle] ComCraft | Rust++ | Custom Loot Tables | PvP | Sleepers | Active, non-abusing Admins | Wiped 02/17

Hey everyone, a few days ago a group of us got together and left our old, admin-abused server to try something new.
That something new became the server we call ComCraft, and it’s a little different than your average server.

The key difference in our server is the Custom Loot Tables. P250s, M4s, Bolt Actions, etc etc. are considerably harder to find. Instead, Weapon chests have a much higher chance of dropping Hunting Bows, Hand Cannons, and pipe shotguns.
Alongside a handful of other loot changes, we’ve found the game to be much more fun and have a larger progression curve to it under this new system, and we’d love for you to come and check it out!


If you have any questions about the loot or anything else about the server, feel free to ask.

Airdrops occur at 10 people.

Who doesn’t love finding Hand Cannons in weapon crates?