US Seattle - [Fe2o4][OXIDE][No-Wipe][Gatesharing][Noobfriendly][24/7 Admin]

Hello rust survivors/bandits/raiders,

Tired of the wipes, hackers, abusive admins? Here is a better place for you to start fresh.
This server ran under the following principles:
-No wipes unless the patch requires it
-Banning hackers ASAP
-No abusive admin power (no spawning for any reason)
-Have fun

Join us at (Press F1 and type “net.connect”)

This server used to be great. Server would peak at 50 users online and active most days. In a month the server owner has destroyed that peak and it now peaks at around 10-15. Right now at near 2pm PST the server has around 4-6 people, on a weekend. Server owner doesn’t care what you think and has pretty much set up the server for him and his friend(which is fine). What isn’t fine is that he will ban anyone for raiding him or any of his friends. If you are good at fps’s and kill him he will probably ban you or shit talk you. Don’t try shit talking back, because when he realizes that he is wrong he will just ban you. If you ask him why the server population is so low when it used too be high, he will shit talk you and then ban you. He realizes the game wouldn’t be as fun without other people than his friends playing, so he tries to recruit through the forums to get more people on so he can kill them. After wipes he builds unbelievable large wood and metal structures within a few hours, so there is no competition/reason to even go after him or his friends. If you like raiding and surviving with no server owner intervention than this server is not for you. If you have no opinions and like being talked down to like you aren’t even human than this server is great for you. Before someone comes in and says I am buttmad about being banned, I am not banned. I still log into the server to see how it is doing from time to time. All I ever see is the server owner being dramatic over some user accusing him of spawning building materials or teleporting to them while invisible. The user is then banned and usually 1-3 people leave. I’ve also seen him ban 10 users over something as trivial as being called a coward.

Anyway his response to this will be: “NoU and it is alpha so who cares. You don’t like it. Leave.”

P.S. The original poster of this thread is not the server owner and is a pretty okay guy.