[US-Seattle] SBD PVP/Sleepers/airdrops - New Server

SBD server is looking for more active players to attempt on surviving with us.

Here are a few of the features on our server:

  • 24/7 Up time and no random wipes
  • 50 Slots
  • 1/2 Craft time (items take 50% less time to craft)
  • no Admin abuse/interference
  • PVP (Which alliance of players will you join? Or will you be a lone bandit?)
  • Daily airdrops

Server address:
To connect ingame: press F1, type in “net.connect” and press enter.

Server Name: [US-Seattle] SBD PVP/Sleepers/airdrops
Server Location: Seattle
Date Started: Jan. 8, 2014.

[The only rules we have is that no one cheat/hack/abuse exploits]

Hope to see you in game.


fun server

Lots of raids happening

Bumb still looking for more player to join

Great server lots of PvP!!

not too many bases yet so lots of real estate for building

Getting better every day

Server has been growing every day. Bring your friends still lots of space around the way

1/2 speed crafting really helps

Awesome server , great times crafting , and meeting new people . lots of friendly entertainment!

Fun server. lots of pvp and some good people.

There are a TON of massive bases everywhere

Still looking for more active players come join the fun eh buds

airdrops and pvp happen often, tons of fun!

Don’t KOS, people hold grudges.