US Secret Service Agents protecting Ronald Reagan

^Thanks to Hunterdnrc for suggesting the music^

suggested music ruined it for me.

And the pic is blurry man, but I lol’d at Breen.

Same about the music.
The posing is good, it’s too blurry for my taste. The gun on the second Agent seems a bit out of place. I also think I see second agent’s knee sticking up in Gmans behind. :butt:

Ah, someone found the inspiration for my screenshot :clint:

Like it was hard to find it. :v:

Now u have to make obama getting shot?

Lol @ the music.

That’s a very old agent. For a second I thought Reagan was kicking ass with an uzi.


Looking at it again, the posing is okay but the picture just doesn’t capture how incredibly hectic and frightening the event would have been.

Your so funny… :allears:

Posing is good, just too blurry.

1981 Reagan assassination attempt was on my birthday March 30 fyi